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I love these folks!

Just had them look after my kitties for a week and I had happy cats when I returned. Cathleen and Debbie are the best!! Sent me pics while I was away too. Felt good to know someone likes animals as much as I do. Will definitely be using them again. 
Raeleen V.

Can’t Say Enough About Them!

We have been using Carolina Pet Angels for several years now and cannot say enough about how professional they are and how much they love our pets. Whether it’s a quick overnight or when we have left the country for two weeks, knowing they are taking care of them gives me peace of mind. They truly care for pets like they are their own.

Andrea M

Pet Sitting

We loved having Carolina Pet Angels take care of our dogs!  Everything was very professional and organized which made me feel confident my dogs were in good hands. I have a 3 year old Springer spaniel/Aussie mix and a 10 year old Shih Tzu. My younger dog is high energy and my older dog is low key. Each of their individual needs were taken care of. My younger dog went on walks and played fetch. My older dog was loved on and cuddled. Perfect for each dog!Also, getting pictures and text messages made our day!  Those kind of extra touches brought smiles to our faces.  We will definitely use them again!

Robin W

We have had a wonderful experience with Carolina Pet Angels.

Our Griffin is slow to warm up to new people in his life. Mark and Colsen spent extra time to allow Griffin to get to know them. They modified the usual schedule and let Griffin tell them what he needed. We are so thankful that CPA took the time to get to know our little pup. We highly recommend the services of CPA to those with sensitive pups.

Natalie S.

Peace Of Mind

We are new to the area and as a result had to start fresh with finding reliable and caring pet sitters for our cats. I was very hopeful when I heard of the Carolina Pet Angels and from the first warm introduction I felt our beloved cats would be in safe hands. We love the daily texts, periodic pictures and checklist! In addition the pet sitter is able to check on your house, bring in the mail or take out the garbage. I feel peace of mind knowing our cats are well cared for when we are gone. Thank you CPA!


Love The Service

I am a huge fan of your service. From the initial meeting with Laura and Michele to the nice texts about the dogs while we were gone, and the extra help you provided with the smoke detector (which we’ve now replaced the entire houses’ smoke detectors)…. You guys are amazing. I am a convert from the kennel and will be using your service every time we go out of town. What you provide is so much more than pet sitting- it’s peace of mind knowing that someone who loves animals is taking good care of your own!


Great Care

Stephanie was very professional from our first contact, to our initial visit and her texts from her visit complete with pictures.
Our 14 y/o and 5 y/o mix were very well cared for.


Amazing Care For My Pet Menagerie

I have used Carolina Pet Angels to care for my pets when I have had to travel for the last year. It is always convenient to arrange for care on-line. Whenever possible, caretakers who have already worked with my pets are assigned to me. When it is not possible, the newly assigned caretaker contacts me prior to my trip to arrange an orientation session to meet me and my pets and make sure that they know everything they need to know to provide the usual excellent care. My household presents a unique challenge as I have multiple pets – two dogs, two parrots, three guinea pigs and a bearded dragon. The Carolina Pet Angels caretakers have never expressed any hesitation to provide for all the various needs of my pets and have never made me feel like my household menagerie is demanding, even though I know it is. I am very picky about how my pets are cared for and I have never been disappointed with the care provided through Carolina Pet Angels. The caretakers even leave a quick note to let me know the status of my pets and what they did during the visit, which I think is very professional. In addition to excellent pet care, they brought in the mail and newspaper daily and took care of transporting our trash cans to and from the curb.
I have been delighted each and every time I have used Carolina Pet Angels and have returned to happy, healthy pets and a home that looks like I never left.


Like We Were Never Gone!

I am an overprotective chronic worrier critter mom. While we were off on a weekend break to the beach, Brooke texted me every time she went to the house with an update on what my three dogs and cat were up to, complete with pictures. When we got home on Sunday, it was like we had never left. My outdoor plants were happy (Brooke watered, which is no small feat), my critters were happy (water bowls were full), the yard was spotless (she did dooky patrols), and the mail and newspapers were inside. She wasn’t even offended when, during her first visit, I asked her to send me a picture of my fridge just to prove she was at my house and wasn’t sending me pictures she had covertly taken during our meet-and-greet. I’m telling you, I’m a suspicious person. I’m also extremely happy with Brooke and Carolina Pet Angels. 110% impressed. I will absolutely use CPA again, and I’ll recommend them highly. Very professional and much attention to detail. Right down to closing the blinds at night and opening them up in the morning. All I wanted was a safe, happy experience for my pets. What I got was above and beyond.


Carolina Pet Angels Are Great!

Carolina Pet Angels were amazing. We loved the daily text updates and photos and loved reading through the daily checklists provided when we returned from vacation. Max and Molly were pampered. We felt very comfortable knowing that they were in great hands and Laura was wonderful with our dogs and cats. In addition, our mail was brought in and most important our German Shepherd mix, Molly, LOVED Laura!


We live in an area where we have no friends or family to watch our kitties when we are out of town.

Carolina Pet Angels was our first place to look into and they have proven to be well worth their value! Our 2 cats are very social and need visits while we are gone, and they do an outstanding job of providing this for our cats. We LOVE the daily text updates with photos and the checklists when we come home. They go above and beyond what is expected. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!


Carolina Pet Angels were amazing. We loved the daily text updates and photos and loved reading through the daily checklists provided when we returned from vacation. It was a positive experience and we will definitely be return customers! Lucy and Abby were pampered. We felt very comfortable knowing that they were in great hands all while remaining at their home. In addition, our mail was brought in, plants were watered, trash was put out and the most importantly our German Shepherds LOVED them.


Mark and his team do an outstanding job. Bosco is very choosy about who he warms up to and he loves mark. We feel extremely comfortable using Mark and his team to watch Bosco and the house when we travel.


Great Service!

My wife and I are completely satisfied with the services provided from Carolina Pet Angels!

Our favorite aspects of the services were:
* Daily check in via text with picture
* Daily notes on pet activity
* They will play with your pets
* Trash take out
* Mail pick up
* Meticulous attention to our notes
* Value


Put My Mind At Ease

I had to go on a business trip for work for a few days, but one of my cats will only eat a particular wet food so I needed a pet sitter. The entire process with Carolina Pet Angels was seamless. The highlights of my days while I was away were the twice daily cell phone photos I received of my cats. Natasha was wonderful and really put my mind at ease – and my cats (even a really timid one) warmed up to her quickly. Great service all around!


Thanks For Loving Tonto!

We moved twice in 7 months in 2015 and, landing in Cary, I was delighted to find Carolina Pet Angels!! Tonto is the sweetest dog, however, he must take medication for seizures twice a day. I have complete trust in the awesome “angels” who come to take care of him – in his home – so it makes our travel so much less stressful! He loves the care and I’m so grateful to have found this team!


Carolina Pet Angels was a complete lifesaver!!!

My family and I went on vacation for a long weekend and the service we got with Carolina Pet Angels was PERFECT for my pets. My dogs enjoyed all of the attention, love, and walks. My cat, who has a bit of anxiety with new people felt right at home and even felt comfortable enough to get a few pets! The service provided was exactly what was promised and the professionalism of the employees was well worth every penny! Highly recommend!!


Wonderful Care!

Linda Kay and all of the people who work with her have been so great with our pets. We have a three-legged geriatric cat and a geriatric big dog, both with special needs. They have cared for them so well that I’m not sure the pets noticed we were gone. They barely look up when we come in the door, like “oh, it’s just you…” We like the detailed notes they leave at each visit. It’s a great way to be a part of the care when you return. I trust them completely and recommend them without reservation!


Worry Free Vacation

We are one of those families that loves to take our dog everywhere with us. However, sometimes we have to leave her behind, and Pet Angels came to our rescue! I felt totally at ease with having the Taylor Family take care of our lab Maggie. I was so happy each day to receive a text on how she was along with a picture. They took the time to walk her, play ball with her, and give her plenty of her favorite treats and TLC! We were able to enjoy our vacation without being the least bit stressed about our dog. I guess it’s time to plan some more vacations!


Like A Trusted Friend

Carolina Pet Angels were referred to us by our neighbors and boy are we glad they did! Wow! What service! Our 2 young cats (and two hermit crabs) were well tended to in our absence for a week. Linda Kay gave our cats loads of TLC and after reading the daily reports she left we could tell they were comfortable around her and their playful personalities came out in her presence. It also eased our minds each day when we received her text message letting us know they were eating and doing fine! We would absolutely recommend their services to anyone looking for quality, in home, professional pet sitting services. Thank you!!

Jennifer & John

Amazing Pet Sitting Service

We went away for 3 full days and hired Carolina Pet Angels to watch our 3 large, senior dogs. They stopped by our home 4 times a day to feed and let our “girls” out. Not only is one of our dogs extremely nervous around new people, but our other dog is on a special diet and multiple medications. So this required us to leave very detailed instructions. This was no problem for Mark and Linda! They were patient, understanding, and took the very best care of our babies. Each and every visit was followed by a text from Carolina Pet Angels as well as photos to let us know they were doing ok. And to add to that, they left a report card after each visit, which we enjoyed reading when we returned. We really appreciate how thorough and professional they are. We couldn’t ask for better pet sitters and highly recommend their services!

Denise & Dave

What A Tremendous Experience!

I am a professional Pet Sitter. I recently took the Pet Tech Pet Saver CPR course. My instructor was Linda Kay Taylor from Carolina Pet Angels. She is without a doubt very professional, knowledgeable and engaging.

I have to admit I had my reservations that I would be able to concentrate for eight hours and grasp all the content of the course.
There was no need to have had any concerns. Linda made the course very interesting in a relaxed environment which was very conducive to learning. There was plenty of hands on participation as well as time for discussion, questions and answers.

The course covered pet assessments, wellness checks, restraining and muzzling, rescue breathing, CPR, choking and basic first aid. Other topics discussed were dental care, fractures, shock, seizures, heat and cold injuries, snake and insect bites and poisoning.

Before I knew it we had covered it all and I walked away with my certificate in hand and my confidence was bolstered tremendously!

Best of all we received a list of what is recommended for a pet first aid/emergency kit, a complimentary temporary muzzle as well as a handbook of everything covered in the course!

I highly recommend Linda Kay Taylor as an instructor and the course as a whole. It is essential for groomers, pet sitters and pet owners!

Shelayne Fico
All Things Pets, LLC


Totally At Ease

I will admit to being one of those peculiar pet owners who always feels like some detail of caring for my dog might be forgotten. Not the case with Carolina Pet Angels! They went well beyond the call of duty to insure that Sadie was safe and happy. She received lots of TLC and attention and I rested easy at night knowing that while we were away she was so well cared for. They treated her like she was their own. Thank you!!!!!


Great Pet Sitting Service!

I was extremely impressed with Carolina Pet Angels. I have an older cat that needs medicine twice a day and was nervous about leaving her for a week. While I was gone, I received status notes with pictures every day and knew my cats were in goods hands. I have had Carolina Pet Angels take care of my 3 cats for two vacations so far and will continue to use them when I am out of town. They provide first class care for my pets and home.


Saved Our Beach Vacation

Carolina Pet Angels took care of our dog when we really needed them. In the rush of trying to leave town for a beach vacation, we missed the weekend hours to drop off our dog at the boarders. I was in a panic and thought I would have to stay home an extra day to take her in on Monday morning. Instead, we called Carolina Pet Angels and made arrangements to meet Mark that evening. He was very nice and I felt comfortable knowing he would take good care of our dog. He took thorough notes about my dog, her needs and her routine. We also made plans for him to take her to the boarders on Monday morning upon opening. They left notes at each visit and also sent email updates with pictures. They saved our beach vacation and helped us out when we really needed it. We will definitely use their services in the future.

Jessica And Kyle

Piper’s Angel

Carolina Pet Angels is the most professional and personal pet sitting service we have ever used. We (and most importantly, Piper—our adored mini-dachshund) are so thankful we found them after we moved to Holly Springs in 2013. Linda Kay was so very understanding and patient when we were having difficulties with our alarm system—she didn’t lose her cool for a second! Mark and Linda Kay are detail oriented, caring, and experts at what they do and we highly recommend Carolina Pet Angels to anyone seeking top-notch pet care—they are truly Piper’s pet angel!

Dawn & Wade

Best Pet Sitting Service Ever!

I highly recommend the Carolina Pet Angels for loving care of your pets while you are away. We have two elderly dogs and entrusted them to Linda and her team. They did a wonderful job and our pets were very happy upon our return.

Amanda M

Happy Puppy Owner

Carolina Pet Angels have been a great sense of comfort for me. I was not sure what I was going to do with my lab puppy while I was at work when he turned 6 months old. I hired Carolina Pet Angels after meeting with Linda. I have been so happy and so is Hugo. He looks forward to seeing them and is happy when we come home. We feel secure and safe with them. Linda stopped by one day and he was solo excited to see her! Thank you!!!


Four Legged Child Needs TLC

Four legged child that has the characteristics of his father required similar care (food, walk, scratching, belly rub, medication, and more food) during a recent trip. When we returned we found a note signed with her paw print and drool. In brief . . . “got a little bored between the three times a day visits so I decided to visit Mark and Linda (they’re having steak for dinner)! Will call when I need to be picked up. Thanks for letting them be my alternate parents. Although not quite as good as you and mom I’ll have no trouble seeing them again. Love, Tipper

Harv And Terese


The Taylors are like having second pet parents for your pets! We have had them come care for our pets when we have been gone full weekends and they do a great job! The pets love it! (Dog gets more walks and affection than she’s seen in a long time from a busy family with 2 little tots) They’ll make sure your pets feel as if you never left. Providing them fresh water, food, treats, adjusting the temperature in the home, whatever you need, they will do it! We have a purebred St Bernard who often gets sensitive stomach or nervousness when we’ve been gone in the past. No issues at all with the Taylors. They can handle all pets, large or small!

Rachel W

Great People!!!!

I spent hours looking for a someone to pet sit my pugs. Then I found the Taylors!! I was so impressed with our initial phone call then our home visit. They really took the time to sit down with me and make sure they had every detail covered. They are such great people and I feel confident knowing when I work long shifts that my pugs are being cared for by people who love dogs. I am so thankful I found these people.I love the notes they leave for me on how my pugs did during the visit. Recently they sent me a treat update r/t the jerky treat warning, because Mark noticed I had some jerky treats. WOW!!!! They are the pet service you want in your home!!!!

June W

Great Appreciation!

Thank you so much for your professional pet services for our dog Tobi while we were out of town many days. I am sure she appreciates it as much as we do. We are grateful for friends and business owners who serve others and Jesus Christ. Wishing you much success in your business.

Brad S

Friendly, Trustworthy

We were very impressed with the Taylor’s professionalism as this was our first time using a pet walker. We felt very comfortable having them come into our house and taking care of our two dogs. They also have other nice touches that we would not have expected such as getting mail and setting thermostat.

Christian D.

Trust In Our Home

The Taylors are very responsible and took good care of our cats while we were out of town for 10 days. They are nice and we were happy to trust them in our home by themselves.

Keith D

Many Thanks!

We would like to express our most sincere thanks for the wonderful care that was provided to our Cockatoo while we were out of town! We had Morgan care for our bird, Sunny, and couldn’t have been happier. Morgan is very responsible, dependable and trustworthy. She followed our instructions to the letter and kept our house secure in our absence all for a very reasonable price.

I would recommend the Taylor family to anyone that truly cares for their pet’s well being. What a wonderful experience!

Christi B

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