My Bulldog Runs Up To My Toddler But Accidentally Plows Over Her, Can This Be Stopped?

Ah shoot this happens so much with bulldogs.   They love their family so much and yet accidentally knock over the smaller members of  the family when running up to them  A fellow dog owner is wondering  “How do I keep our bulldog from plowing over the two year old?  The bulldog is really just running up to the toddler and can’t stop?”

Karen, from Positive Praise, says:


Monitor their interactions. Dogs and very young children should not be left alone together even with the best dog in the world. Anything can happen in an instant. By supervising their interactions, you have correct the dog when he starts to get too rambunctious. Back him off the child and him relax. We want to teach the dog that the child is not a playmate. Teeth and paws are not allowed at any time on the child. If he does, he is removed from the area a put in a brief timeout. (Sternly tell the dog OFF and then calmly remove him from the room).


Keep a leash on the dog even while in the house so that you can quickly grab him if you see him get rambunctious and you can correct him before he gets to the child.


Consult a trainer to help you teach your dog and child to have a calm bonded relationship.

A great trainer to contact would be Karen at Positive praise.  Check her out at



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