How Do I Get My Pug To Not Lick My Visitors To Death?

A local dog owner ask:

How do you get a Pug to stop licking company to death?Ace and Griff

Karen of  Positive Praise answers:

Excessive licking can occur from several reasons (although Pugs have been known as a breed to be excessive lickers). Excessive licking can be due to anxiety, nervousness or excitement but most likely it is for attention. Train your pug not to lick on command. When you pug licks, tell them in a stern voice “NO LICK” (no yelling). If they continue, put them down until they calm down. Withdraw the attention that they are seeking. For guests, give them to NO LICK command and if they continue, they are taken from the guest. Send them to their bed or even to the crate. Again- no yelling. You can give them something to do in the crate such as a stuffed kong but you are letting them know that them not listening to you is unacceptable and they get no attention if they continue to lick after being told to stop.


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