Loving on a puppy

Loving on a puppy

Potty training tips from Karen at Positive Praise


5- 20 minutes after eating, dogs will have to poop. Keeping them on a regular eating schedule (no free feeding) will help you know when it is time for them to go out.

As you are housetraining, limit their water intake. Put their water up an hour before bedtime.

Take them out the same door every time to teach them to go to that door when they have to go potty.

Take them on a leash to the same spot. Wait. Do not let them walk you around the yard. You are in control over where you want them to learn to go, not them. Give them 5 minutes to find the perfect place. If they do not go, they go back in the house and put in the crate (no yelling). Dogs will typically not go where they sleep. By putting them in their crate, you are telling the dog, “if you do go potty, then you don’t get to play.”

When your dog does potty, PRAISE! Then give them time to be a dog and play or sniff but only after pottying.

Watch your dog at all times. If you can’t watch them, put them in the crate. If they sneak off away from you, follow them. They are pack animals and will typically stay where you are so if they are sneaking off they are going to find trouble whether that be peeing in the house or crewing on something they aren’t supposed to.


Check out Karen’s blog at http://positivepraise.blogspot.com/



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