Question About Adding Another Pug To The Family


Ace and Griff







Another question from a pet owner:


Is it true if I add an additional pug to our family, our pug will be less needy of my attention?

Karen from Positive Praise answers:

Pugs were/are bred to be companion animals so when you are gone all day at work and come home, they are ready to get attention and give it. They are often considered Velcro dogs and will go where ever you are if they can. Most likely, another Pug will just give you two live shadows and two needy dogs. However, they can also become best buds and provide company to each other.

Before you get another Pug or any dog, make sure that you have your first dog trained and well-behaved as you expect. Make sure he responds to your commands and corrections when you give them. Make sure that you have established appropriate boundraries within your household as necessary (i.e- not allowed or allowed on furniture, not allowed upstairs, where to go potty, etc…).


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