What Is The Best Way To Introduce A New Pet To Our Existing Family?

Local pet owners in Holly Springs are wondering what is the best way to introduce a new pet to your existing pet family?

Karen of Positive Praise recommends

Pack Walk. Taking both dogs for a long walk in a neutral location will not only tire them but they will get used to being in each other’s presence. This requires a person per dog. Start with the new dog walking behind the older dog. When you see that they are calm, gradually bring the dogs closer together until you are walking them side by side with humans in the middle. Once the dogs are relaxed walking together, start the process of bringing them inside.

Have the old dog stay outside while the new dog comes in and investigates his new home. Then switch. Let the old dog come in and check out where the new dog was. Take them both outside to meet. If they are still calm, both can go inside with the older dog going in first.

Let them sort out who is the dominant one between them. If you try to intervene and make a submissive dog the dominant one, the submissive one will become insecure and anxious which leads to other behavior issues.

Monitor interactions for the first few days. Limit their time together until they have sorted out their hierarchy to avoid altercations.


If you are looking for more information on dog behavior training check out Karen’s blog at http://positivepraise.blogspot.com/



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