How Can I Stop The New Dog From Being Jealous Of The Older Dogs?

Here is another question from a local Holly Springs dog owner:

How can I stop the new dog from being so jealous of the old dogs?

Karen of Positive Praise gives us this answer:

Jealous is a human term. Dogs are not jealous, they are territorial. If you are on the sofa with one dog and another approaches, watch the dogs’ body language. The one approaching wants what the other has because both dogs see you as property. One will try to nudge the other out of the way. To establish that you are not their property, you can do a few things.

First- affection to the dogs is by your invitation not by their demands. You invite them to you for petting. If you did not invite a dog, they get gently pushed away.

Second- make them earn the affection. Make them work for it by just asking for a simple sit.

Third- when you see dog A correcting or trying to move dog B, gently move dog A to the side and give space for dog B. This is telling dog A that you own the space, not her and she will allow dog B to get affection as well.

If you need more help with your new dog or with an older dog please you can contact Karen by checking out her blog at .



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