Why Does My Dog Attack The Mop, The Brooms And The Vacuum?

Here is a question from a local dog owner:

Why does my Lizzy girl attack my mop, broom and vacuum cleaner like they are Al Qaeda?

Karen Payne, Dog Behavior consultant explains:

The jury is still out on why exactly dogs attack these household items when they are being used. Some say it is out of fear. When we use these items, we are moving erratically to the dog, the dog may think that we need protecting from these objects. With the vacuum, it can be the noise. Some say the behavior is aggressive play. I had one client that struggled with the broom. She spoke to her breeder and found out that the breeder played a “broom game” with the puppies so the dog was trying to play whenever my client tried to clean. There are ways to desensitize a dog from these objects. It does take time and patience. A trainer can demonstrate the proper way to desensitize.


If would like some help with your dog or puppy’s behavior you can contact Karen at http://positivepraise.blogspot.com/ .




  1. Mahmud Hossain

    Linda Taylor! What a funny, lol !
    I understood your problem. In this case, my honest suggestion you to use Dyson pet vacuum cleaner. The sound is not too heavy. It’s like natural. Overall it will be most comfortable for any pet owners.

  2. Donna K. Jackson

    Interesting insights! My dog does the same. It’s reassuring to understand this behavior. Thanks for sharing.


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