A Safe and Happy Halloween For Your Pet

It was our Dachshund puppy’s first Halloween.  We couldn’t wait to dress him in his little hot dog costume.  Halloween night came.   The two legged kids got dressed in their costumes and came outside for pictures.  Our poor puppy started barking, growling and running into his crate.  There were no pictures with the kids and the puppy in their Halloween costumes.  The kids and my husband went to trick or treat while I stayed behind to hand out the treats.   Each time the doorbell rang our poor puppy barked and tried to go deeper into his crate.  The poor little guy was almost hoarse by the end of the night.  Sadly Halloween can be the second scariest holiday to our four legged family members/pets right after the Fourth of July.


Some Halloween Pet Safety Tips

  • Provide your pet with a room away from the door bell and door. Play some music or a tv to be noise that can cover up all the bell ringing and kid sounds.
  • Keep candy away from pets. Chocolate in various amounts are very dangerous to your dog.
  • Keep pets away from jack o lanterns with lit candles. The candle poses a possible way for your pet to get burned if not cause a fire.  Try using a battery operated candle instead.
  • Leave your pet home from trick or treating if they are afraid of the kids in the costume. If you do take your dog for the trick or treat walk, keep the kids in costumes away from your pet if he or she shows any anxiety.  Your dog may bite to protect itself or you from the “strange being.”
  • Check and see if your pet is comfortable with you in your costume a few days before Halloween. If not place the pet in its safe room before you put on your costume.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!!!backyard fun



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