6 Steps To Take If Your Dog Or Cat Eats An Easter Lily

  1. Take a deep breath, calm your mind and body down.  You can do this.easter lily
  2. Remove the pet from the area and any other pets and children
  3. Check to see how your pet is doing.  Breathing normally?  Is there vomiting? Diarrhea? Becoming lethargic? Inappropriate urination or thirst?
  4. Gather the following information
  • What did the pet ingest (a wrapper can be helpful) can you tell if it was a tiger lily, Easter lily, peace lily etc.
  • How much did the pet ingest? (one leaf, a petal, half the petals, what amount of water did the pet drink that the lily had been sitting in the container)
  1. Call a vet as soon as possible.   Call your own vet.   If after hours, call either of the emergency pet clinics below or the Pet Poison Helpline at  800-213-6680.
  2. You will need to be prepared to travel to your vet or nearest 24 hour Vet Hospital.  The two 24 Hour Emergency Vets closest  to Holly Springs are

Veterinary Specialty Hospital      6405 Tryon Road   Cary, NC     Phone number 919-233-4911

Animal Emergency Clinic of Cary   220 High House Road   Cary, NC    Phone number   919-462-8989


It helps to have the number and address of your vet and the emergency vet in your phone’s contact list.  This will help you in calling the vet faster.  If your phone can give driving directions to the contact this will help you in arriving sooner.   The sooner a dog or cat can be seen and treated for ingested poison, the better  and safer the outcome for the pet will be.



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