5 Ways To Prepare Your Loving Dog For Your New Baby



Your dog has been your baby for a while and now there is going to be a new baby in the house.  No matter if you are going to physically have a baby or adopt here a 5 hints to help with the transition.




  1. Create a success station for your dog about a month ahead of time.   A success station is a room with some of your dog’s favorite toys and anything to make your dog comfortable.  Then a gate to put across the room.   This gives your dog a place to go that is baby free and can be comfortable when you are taking care of the new baby.
  2. Let your dog get use to you not paying as much attention.  Once the baby is here it could be very confusing to your dog that this small bundle is taking so much of your time.
  3. A few weeks before the baby comes take a day and carry a 5lb bag of sugar around the house.  This will help you grasp what it will be like to manage your dog and other activities around the house once you will be holding  your new baby.  Then you can think through ways to adapt.
  4. Set the  baby’s furniture and other items were you think they will be used.  Let the new objects sights, smells and sounds become normal to your dog.  If anything makes sounds like heartbeats, running water, music etc.  then  let the sounds play every once so your dog can get use to them.  This may help curb barking because of the new sounds.
  5. Play this you tube video    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vulh–zh_Ss   occasionally so your dog can get use to the new sound of a baby crying and you can help your dog become accustomed  to this new sound when you are available to help your dog and you are not needed to help your newborn.


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