What Does It Take To Be a Carolina Pet Angel

Not just anyone can be one of the Carolina Pet Angels. It takes a special person to be a pet angel. We have a group of Angels that are professional and dedicated pet sitters and dog walkers. Each Angel goes through a very thorough interview process. It takes more than just loving animals to be an Angel. There are three steps in our interview process. A person can become a Carolina Pet Angel if they make it through this process. We take considerable time to make sure we would be comfortable letting this person into our own home and caring for our children, the two and four leg ones. It is not something we take lightly. Potential Angels must also then pass a criminal background check.


Once a person has passed the interview process and we recognize him or her as being able to become a great pet Angel, he or she begins our training process. First is some classroom training in which the developing Angel is trained in dog behavior. This is to keep the pet Angel and dog(s) safe. Then begins the Pet Tech First Aid and CPR training. This gives the pet Angel the needed knowledge of how to handle a pet emergency if it were to arise.


On-the-job training comes next. So far our Carolina Pet Angels have come to us with a lot of pet experience. Yet they are still trained in specific Carolina Pet Angels processes. Our on-the-job training consists of going alongside a more experienced Angel on client ‘meet and greets’, dog walks, and pet visits. After both the classroom and on-the-job training is complete and the pet Angel shows how well he or she will shine while caring for pets, the Angel is given its wings and becomes a professional pet sitter on our team of Angels.


Your pet will have more than one pet Angel. One reason for this is so we will not need to cancel your pet’s visit or mid-day dog walk at the last minute due to your primary Angel having a family emergency, illness, car accident etc. Your pet will have both a primary pet Angel and a backup Angel that is familiar with his or her specific needs and care. We also will not need to turn down a pet visit or mid-day dog walk request due to your primary pet Angel being on vacation. Your backup Angel is prepared, available and excited to care for your pet’s every need.



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