Why Pet First Aid and CPR for Pet Owners ?

Mac muzzledHelp For Those We Love In An Accident

We each love our furry family members so very much.   Luckily for the humans we love we can call 911 and wonderfully trained professionals can arrive to help and transport the one we love to a hospital.    Sadly there is no 911 for our furry family members.

Do You Know What To Do In a Pet Emergency?

What happens if you are on a walk with your dog and a young neighbor kid new to skateboarding accidently hits and runs over your dog?  Your dog begins to bark and yelp because it is in pain.   Let’s assume the neighbor kid is able to walk away with a few cement burns.  Do you know what to do to help your dog and yourself?  Did you know that “an animal in pain or that can get moved into pain can and will bite?”  Your loving dog would not biting you to be mean but that is one of the ways he communicates “don’t touch that hurts.”    The best thing to do in this situation is muzzle your dog so he won’t hurt himself or you.    Then do a quick pet assessment to figure out if your pet is bleeding, has a broken leg or both?   Now what do you do?

Pet First Aid and CPR

Take a Pet Tech Pet First Aid and CPR class and you will have the knowledge you need to help your dog or cat  if he or she is:



In Shock


Possibly have a broken bone

And more



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