What Is A Mid-Day Dog Walk?

What Is A Mid- Day Dog Walk?  Why Would My Dog Need It?

Biddy loving her mid-day dog walk.  She never wanted it to end...

Biddy loving her mid-day dog walk. She never wanted it to end…

Definition Of A Mid-Day Dog Walk

I am not trying to insult you or your intelligence, so please accept my apology if this has offended you in any way.   As a professional pet sitter and dog walker I get this question often.  To put it simply,  a mid-day dog walk is time in the middle of the day when your dog gets out for a walk with a pet sitter or professional dog walker.


Why Would Your Dog Need A Mid-Day Dog Walk?

6 Possible Reasons

  1. Your dog needs to go to the bathroom. ( i.e. puppies have small bladders, older dogs are losing strength in the sphincter muscle that holds the urine inside, small breed dogs like a Dachshund have a bladder the size of a grape)
  2. Your dog is bored and terrorizing your home. (Do you come home to the rugs having an area worn out from your dog pacing?  )
  3. Your dog is gaining weight from lack of exercise.
  4. You feel guilty for being away from your pet for long hours each day because you are at work, getting groceries, picking up dry cleaning, etc.
  5. Your dog would love some extra attention.
  6. Your dog wants to get outside for a little time during the day.



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