Here is some information that is good for you to know as you consider allowing us the privilege of caring for your special pet(s).


Meet and Greet

We require a meet and greet before accepting any new clients.  This is complementary and provides you a chance to meet the person in which you are entrusting the care of you beloved pet.  It also allows us a chance to meet you and your pets.  At this time we will review all necessary information to ensure we are ready to care for your home and pet in your absence. 



We require all dogs and cats to be current on their vaccinations.  This is to ensure the well being of the pet sitter and the other pets we visit.  We require proof of rabies vaccination within the past 3 years.  Please provide a rabies certificate from your veterinarian at the Meet & Greet.  This is a similar requirement for taking your pet to a groomer or boarder.


Medical Emergency

In the event we feel it necessary to have your pet seen by a veterinarian, we will make every effort to contact you.  If we are unable to contact you, we will take your pet to the veterinarian you indicated on your pet information form.   If that veterinarian is not available, we will take your pet to our preferred veterinarian.  You will be responsible for all veterinary charges.


Minimum number of visits per day

If you are on an extended trip we require a minimum of 1 visit per day for small animals (cats, etc) and minimum 2 visits per day for dogs.   For the health of your dog, we highly recommend 3 visits per day.


Sharing Pet Visits

For the safety of your pets, we do not share pet care responsibilities with others while you are on your trip.  We require that all pet care during your time away is completed by Carolina Pet Angels pet sitters.


House keys

Two copies of your house key will be picked up at the time of the meet and greet.  Any other trips required to pick up or return house keys will be charged a $10 fee .  Your keys will be kept in our office in a lock box when not in use for a pet sitting visit.  We use a number coded key system so that your names and addresses are never on the key tag.


Home occupancy

We allow no one besides the scheduled pet sitter to be in the house at the time of service.  This is for the protection of the pet sitter and your home.  If anyone else is seen in the home during the scheduled visit, the pet sitter will consider this person an intruder, immediately leave the home, and call 911 to protect both the sitter and your home.


Payment and Cancellation Policy

Pet Visits and Overnights

Pet visits are subject to a five (5) day cancellation period.  Overnight visits are subject to a two (2) week cancellation period.  Cancellation period begins the first day of the service period.  Client will be refunded half the invoice if canceled within this time period.  The other half will be retained as a credit on the Client’s account to apply to future appointments.


Mid-Day Dog Walks

Mid-day dog walks cancelled by 9AM on the day of the scheduled visit will not be charged.


Notice of your arrival home

The care of your pet is our utmost importance.  Therefore we ask that for trips you notify us as soon as you return home.  If you do not contact us, we reserve the right to continue providing service to your pets in case you have been unexpectantly delayed.   You will be responsible for payment for any additional pet sitting visits.  Please contact as soon as you know if you will be delayed so we can plan accordingly to continue to care for your pets.